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It is difficult to put into words just how much travel means to me. It is an all-encompassing, roiling wave that directs my life. It is the core of all plans, direction and inspiration. But it doesn’t just begin and end with myself. There is a deep-seated conviction inside me that others should experience travel and participate… Read More

So it’s been a while since I posted anything to this blog. That’s totally on me, and something I told myself I wouldn’t do again – take huge long breaks between posts. Seems it’s hard to get into the habit of writing about travels, and then keep it up when you’re not actually travelling. True,… Read More

One of the main reasons we stayed in Bangor, Maine this past fall was the town’s proximity to Acadia National Park just a short drive away. As a national park junkie, Acadia represents the north-eastern most pilgrimage along a rocky coastline of pointed firs and lighthouses. For me personally, Acadia has stood as an elusive,… Read More

The decision to spend September and October in Maine was an easy one. Visions of autumn leaves and pumpkin patches danced in my head along with dreams of hayrides, corn mazes and apple orchards. Once we arrived in Bangor, Maine and set up the RV and trailer at a place called Pumpkin Patch RV park… Read More

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There is a little place, nestled a few miles off the highway in the coastal region of New Hampshire, that became very dear to us over our summer and fall in New England. From my very first visit to Applecrest Farms in 2013, I was hooked. Years later, I was so pleased to have the… Read More

Signs you might be suffering from extreme wanderlust-ia/travelholism You continually see the shape of states and countries in your food (ex: “Woah, this romaine leaf looks exactly like New Zealand!” Your heart beats a little bit faster anytime you see map paraphernalia (ex: “OMG I have to have this world map laundry bag.) You actually… Read More

In November of 2015, I booked a personal mentoring session with a successful photography company I love. I knew I was facing a monumental shift in life, moving away from Houston, quitting my day job, uprooting my young photography business, so I scheduled the mentoring one year out (October 2016) in Nashville and I planned… Read More

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So it seems I’ve been kind of lucky with the leak issues in my RV. Mostly, they’re not rain water coming inside (although there is one of those, but that’s a bigger post for another time). So far, a lot of the dripping has been related to something in the bathroom going bad. I’ve already… Read More

After a rollercoaster of a year travelling the north eastern US and even up into Nova Scotia, we have returned south for the winter! We’re not quite at the annual snowbird level just yet, but for lots of reasons a return to Houston just seems to make some good sense for now. On the way… Read More