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I’m not sure how many miracles a person can expect to experience during their lifetime. I definitely thought I’d already used up my big one escaping completely unscathed during my potentially catastrophic car accident in 2018. But this morning, I was granted another one. At 6:55am, Russ, Otis and I were sound asleep when we… Read More

In May of 2007, Russell wandered into a pet store in California, never dreaming his life would forever change that day. Content with his brood of cats, he’d never owned a dog before and wasn’t even in the market for one. But then, he happened across a strange little white creature with a big, dark… Read More

On October 24th, Russell asked me to marry him. It was the 10th morning we woke up in our beautiful new home and he said that everything in our lives was finally perfect…except that I wasn’t his wife. Apparently, he decided over a year ago that he wanted to ask me and went through a… Read More

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The first week in our new home has come to a close and I find myself unsure of where to begin the explanation of just how life-altering this upgrade is. Every time I think of listing out the improvements and differences, I become overwhelmed and risk sounding dramatic, clearly failing to contain my joy. So… Read More

I want to begin this post by affirming that the last 4.5 years on the road have provided more wonderful opportunities to see the world and I could ever have dreamed of and I wouldn’t trade the experiences we’ve had for all of the fancy apartments in sleek cities or the social and creature comforts… Read More

Yesterday was a hellish day. We packed an overnight bag and set out in the morning from San Jose heading 4 hours north to Fort Bragg to explore for my birthday weekend. I’d found several dog friendly hikes and beaches along the coast and we were all eager to see a new . 1 hour… Read More

One of the best parts of my life for the past 12 years has been a little fuzzy white kid named Hazen.  He’s a California boy and loves the sunshine and outdoors, no matter what state or country he’s in at the time. The story of how he ended up in my life is probably… Read More

I fear I lack the strength to spin this saga into a well-written, thrilling adventure story animating all of the ridiculous circumstances we’ve faced over the last two months so, instead, I’ve decided to retell events in the manner of my Historian background and let the list of chronological occurrences speak for themselves. -January 3rd:… Read More

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It’s difficult to even quiet my thoughts enough to get something on paper. The last week – even more so the last two days – have been nothing short of insanity. On Friday morning, we were all set to take the RV down to the dealer to have the large slide out fixed for the… Read More

So, THAT was a pain. Long story short, only 18 or so months later, and 2 different install attempts at two different locations in two different cities, our new replacement awning is finally installed! Perhaps I should back up? Start at the beginning? I suppose that might help. It was a nice, sunny day in… Read More