That’s how the saying goes, so I’ve heard. Well, the RV DEFINITELY feels like mine now after just a few years. I guess technically I didn’t break (all of) the things that have needed attention along the way, but I have been getting really intimate with how to fix stuff.

On the list of things I knew I would have to deal with after purchasing an RV (but had no idea of how soon or in what order they’d come up) are:

Plumbing – The toilet springing a leak – thankfully on the fresh water side of things – followed shortly by the shower having a slow drip through a hair line crack (putting PVC and plumbers tape squarely in the toolkit from here forward).

Cabinetry – While I haven’t done any major adjustments or additions (yet), I have become pretty well educated about how the cabinets in the kitchen and bedroom areas were made. Adjusting hinges here and there and replacing closet poles with sturdier ones has been one of my recent past times!

Electrical – Of course I knew I’d have to sort out the basics of all of this on day 1, and I did. I can turn on a light like a pro now! On top of that however, I’ve had to learn about the generator in order to keep it going when needed, and also the separate 12v and 110v systems. LEDs? Oh yeah, all over it.

The other odds and ends that are worth mentioning? The large bedroom/bunk slide breaking, and remaining ‘damaged’ to this day. Works just fine, but a crash course on how to make the motors override their automatic shut offs was an afternoon’s task already.

I guess all in all, I’m a bit surprised at how much has gone wrong, and how much I’ve had to address. I’m honestly REALLY shocked at how much of these things I’ve gotten a quote from a dealer on, just to ‘NOPE’ right over to Home Depot and try it myself. The one recent exception to that was the last major thing to go wrong. Oh, didn’t I mention that yet? The front door latch broke. In the locked position. While packing for a trip. Yeah.

The next RV? I might just get a used one. The silver lining of all of these things has been that I am totally not intimidated by it all anymore.

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