So it’s been a while since I posted anything to this blog. That’s totally on me, and something I told myself I wouldn’t do again – take huge long breaks between posts. Seems it’s hard to get into the habit of writing about travels, and then keep it up when you’re not actually travelling. True, there have been many things that I should post about – both to build a blog and give everyone a better sense of what living in (or just with) and RV is like, but I just can’t get in the groove to do it. This post however is going to serve as a step back in the right direction, just like this week’s excursion was for the RV and us!

The ‘fleet’ has been in storage for the past several months while we’ve been staying in Katy, TX with a friend. The main purpose of this hiatus was to give us a bit more room to spread out and get some business goals accomplished. For the most part that’s happened, and we’re really ready to head back out on the road very soon if possible. Of course, a number of months in storage means there’s maintenance to be done! This past weekend was full of oil changes, cleanup, and re-sorting of the RV’s remaining contents. The bigger picture involves a ton of packing and repacking, and transferring things into storage so we don’t take as much with us this next time out. The shake out run for this week was a little less of a project though.

We headed north to Hempstead, TX to try out an RV park in the area for 2 nights. The park would put us the same distance from my office as the house in Katy, and locate us much closer to a photography styled shoot Melody was taking part of this week. We planned on Sunday and Monday night, leaving Tuesday after her shoot. Of course, we added Tuesday night as soon as we remembered how much of a task it is to disconnect, pack, and drive home after dark. Once we were set up and starting to actually get ‘back into’ the RV mentally, we added a 4th night as well.

While this trip did not encompass many exciting travel destinations or scenic adventures, we did have our fair share of unexpected and new challenges to deal with, which I will recount in a later post. I did buy a new little charcoal grill on sale and was excited to use that to cook dinner. I’m planning to leave it here with a couple we met who could use one, and the next grill I buy is going to be a propane one. I’m done with the headache of these things and the idea of having to somehow store it to travel with.

Anyway, like I said, this was just a quick post to get back into the feel of putting things up here – just like this trip was a quick one to get back into the RV. Now they’re both over, and we’re looking forward to more of both very soon. 🙂

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