Signs you might be suffering from extreme wanderlust-ia/travelholism

  1. You continually see the shape of states and countries in your food (ex: “Woah, this romaine leaf looks exactly like New Zealand!”
  2. Your heart beats a little bit faster anytime you see map paraphernalia (ex: “OMG I have to have this world map laundry bag.)
  3. You actually buy clothes to take to specific destinations because they capture the essence or character of a place – even if you don’t already have a trip planned for that locale (ex: “This dress is SO Cape Cod!”)
  4. You search flight times and prices for fun (ex: “Let’s just test the feasibility of a trip to Iceland in April…”)
  5. Any time spent ‘relaxing’ at home is dominated by dreaming about where to go next (ex: “I know I just got back from Maine yesterday but, Wyoming isn’t that far of a drive…”)

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