Spending time in the RV, you notice things about it. One thing you get the sense of is that the RV industry is typically really good about putting just about every inch they can to some kind of use. This helps maximize space quite a bit with creative cabinetry and such. What they can’t really do is know exactly how the owner is going to use it and all of the specifics that would really make life a bit easier and more organized for them. This is where a trip to The Container Store, or some searching on Amazon comes in! We finally had the chance to do just that after our latest trip up to Austin for the weekend, and let me tell you – huge difference.

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Improvements make nerds happy

While spending a short bachelor’s weekend (just me and the boys) at Hidden Falls Adventure Park to get in some last trail riding with the Jeep before it heads to storage until November, I took some time to put our new small upgrades into place. After about 30 minutes of installation I have to say, I’m very happy with the improvements!

We’ve been able to add:

• Hooks near the fridge to hang leashes and collars on for the boys
• A spice rack over the back of the sink to encourage more flavorful cooking
• A key rack on the cabinet door by the stairs to keep them all in one place off the counter
• Touch lights inside of some of the dish cabinets over the couch.
• Plastic organizer boxes in the games cabinet for small card decks and such

It’s a flurry of very small touches that have made a HUGE impact on how everything feels. More items have their own place now, and will easily be found much faster (if I remember to put them where they go!), and quite a bit of the kitchen now doesn’t have to be specially stowed every time we get ready to move. Spices and such are just right there, yet secure and ready for dinner or driving!

We probably have more to add over time and as we figure out other spots for items, but it’s a huge leap in the right direction for the front half of the house for sure.

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