I recently made a little post about changing the oil and filters in the RV ‘van’ and the Jeep.  I also mentioned doing the same to the Generac QP40 generator in the RV, but noted that would be in a later blog post since there were extenuating circumstances. Here is that post. Where do I… Read More

The easy access from the road just a block off of the highway, made it a dream come true when we wanted to pull over and get stopped nice and quick after a white-knuckle drive through fierce cross-winds across north Texas. The lanes were wide and open and the pull thru spots were quite long.… Read More

Hidden in the Rockies is a gorgeous little church

In these weekly update posts which I hope to keep doing, you’ll find links to posts about the more noteable events. If they seem interesting but aren’t linked, they will be when we get that post done! This way, we’ll have a semi-chronological way of keeping events straight on the blog. Otherwise some things get… Read More

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During our time in Colorado, we knew we wanted to explore the lovely Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, this park boast large red rock formations and plenty of fun trails to wander down. This was also Otis’ first official hiking experience and, I have to… Read More

Oil changes are a thing I used to plan an entire afternoon around. Not because I had to clean up a work space and do much, but just to get my car over to a dealer and dropped off for the ordeal of watching crappy TV in their lobby while waiting 4 hours before they… Read More