Iceland is a fantastic and beautiful country – there’s no disputing that. However, all the moss covered rocks and impressive glacier-wrought mountains can’t combine to replace the elusive Northern Lights I’d hoped to see dancing through the polar skies during my Iceland excursion. When we decided to book the trip to Iceland seven months ago… Read More

One of the things I will miss the most about Texas are Buc-ee’s stores. They’re amazingly huge gas stations with a store full of everything (literally) you could want. It’s a gas station ‘convenience store’ that makes it’s own beef jerky, T-shirts, and has a home & garden section. It’s awesomeness.… Read More

When it rains… it apparently pours all the wrath of Zeus over a 500 mile radius that lasts for three days. After a harrowing last couple days of packing and rushing to the end of the move finish line, we’ve been creeping along on the road for 26 hours and only managed to make it… Read More