After picking up the RV from it’s 2-month-long stay at Crestview RV in Georgetown TX for a slide-out repair, we spent a night close by at this nice little park. It wasn’t too far off of the highways, and was the right amount of ‘conveniently close’ and ‘away from the noise’ in regards to Austin.… Read More

I’m so excited to finally share pictures of the inside of the Melodic View travel trailer! These have been a long time coming since it’s purchase in January of this year. We made several modifications to the Keystone Springdale Summerland Mini (what a mouthful!) and are super happy with the way everything turned out. I… Read More

One of the biggest challenges of living in an RV (for me personally and, I’m sure, many others) is reliable internet access. It’s tricky to get a decent connection from many homes in the US so, trying to do that from something without an address or utilities is a pretty big deal. Being an IT guy it’s… Read More

I hesitate to speak of all the setbacks we’ve encountered over the last month for fear their retelling will somehow shake me more than their physical experience. From the last few days in Houston, as the Biblical rain set in and we dragged the remainder of our drenched belongings into the various vehicles and storage… Read More

Iceland is a fantastic and beautiful country – there’s no disputing that. However, all the moss covered rocks and impressive glacier-wrought mountains can’t combine to replace the elusive Northern Lights I’d hoped to see dancing through the polar skies during my Iceland excursion. When we decided to book the trip to Iceland seven months ago… Read More

One of the things I will miss the most about Texas are Buc-ee’s stores. They’re amazingly huge gas stations with a store full of everything (literally) you could want. It’s a gas station ‘convenience store’ that makes it’s own beef jerky, T-shirts, and has a home & garden section. It’s awesomeness.… Read More

When it rains… it apparently pours all the wrath of Zeus over a 500 mile radius that lasts for three days. After a harrowing last couple days of packing and rushing to the end of the move finish line, we’ve been creeping along on the road for 26 hours and only managed to make it… Read More

Tomorrow I close the chapter on my life at 2H. Strange to think I stumbled into that office nearly seven years ago without a clue as to where my life was headed. But, I suppose that’s exactly how all of us begin every day – unwittingly perched on the edge of what lies ahead. It was the… Read More

We’re down to the last couple weeks before we head out of Houston towards New England. It seems there is a longer list of things to do now than there has been in the past 6 months, with a fraction of any reasonable amount of time left to get it all done! Amidst website polishing for… Read More

If this sounds as skeptical to you as it first did to me, then you and I are in the same boat! During 2015, I finally started to wrap my head around what full-time RV life will be like: all the adventures and all the challenges. I still haven’t experienced it, but I’ve grown accustomed… Read More