Living in Houston for your entire life, there are many things you are taught you need: a big car, a long commute, a mansion in Katy with tons of furniture to fill it. But all of these material things are not truly necessary for life, save one: the almighty air conditioning. Every good Texan knows that… Read More

I am really excited to write this blog post. Not only will it be the first entry in our “The People” category, which is set aside for those characters we’ll cross paths with in this adventure through life – but it has also just been really awesome to get to know the Shays from Matamoras PA!… Read More

Over the last year or two my interest in night sky photography has really evolved. From the first little try on the beach in North Carolina to a surprise glimpse of a faint milky way in the dark abyss of Bryce Canyon, the elusive universe has slowly wrapped it tentacles around me. As my camera… Read More

One of the things that our house requires as regular maintenance that stick-and-brick homeowners never have to worry about is tires. Much like the foundation below most peoples’ houses, our tires are the cornerstone holding everything else up, and they’re pretty much forgotten most of the time. You just assume they’re there, doing what they do, and… Read More