Yesterday morning we took some time to do one of those many things we said we would do more of this year – enjoy where we were and what we can do there. In this case, that involved a guided kayak tour through Deception Bay near the San Juan Islands and only a slight amount… Read More

What can I say ¬†about the Olympic Peninsula? Well, about 10,000 terms of endearment and descriptions of the symphony or gorgeous weather and scenery. Distilling those down to a few simple ones is the trick. 2 years ago, on Melody’s insistence of her love for the area, we took a 10 day trip out to… Read More

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve undergone a little shift in the Home Sweet Roam blog look. It’s definitely not the final form of the site, but we now have a more warm and natural feel to the look – which is exactly what our travels are focused on. Along with the cozy… Read More