Car camping in a 2006 Toyota RAV4

Sometimes the RV and travel trailer are just too much to lug around – especially up into the mountains or on short excursions where you need a quick turn around. My trusty solution to this is car camping in my zippy, roomy 2006 Toyota RAV4 (or as Russell fondly refers to it: the Baked Potato).… Read More

Most parks have cable television plumbed to the pedestals of each site which is not useful for anything more than watching basic TV.  Satellite systems on your roof are always an option, if you can’t risk being without entertainment.  While the quest for worthwhile internet is an ongoing subject through out our travels, our supply… Read More

LG Tablet hotspot with cellular network coverage for T-Mobile

This will be the second post in an ongoing series about trying to keep the internet close at hand while traveling. If you want to start at the first post you can click here to read it. Building on that first early start, we’ve progressed and improved and learned a lot in the process! After… Read More

container store household improvements rv happy shopping

Spending time in the RV, you notice things about it. One thing you get the sense of is that the RV industry is typically really good about putting just about every inch they can to some kind of use. This helps maximize space quite a bit with creative cabinetry and such. What they can’t really… Read More

Over the last year or two my interest in night sky photography has really evolved. From the first little try on the beach in North Carolina to a surprise glimpse of a faint milky way in the dark abyss of Bryce Canyon, the elusive universe has slowly wrapped it tentacles around me. As my camera… Read More

With the prospect of leaving Houston fast approaching, I was fully aware of just how much I would miss all of my friends & family and my fantastic, spacious apartment with whom my little love affair had steadily grown over the last year. These are the losses you understand and prepare for. You spend extra time with… Read More

I’m so excited to finally share pictures of the inside of the Melodic View travel trailer! These have been a long time coming since it’s purchase in January of this year. We made several modifications to the Keystone Springdale Summerland Mini (what a mouthful!) and are super happy with the way everything turned out. I… Read More

One of the biggest challenges of living in an RV (for me personally and, I’m sure, many others) is reliable internet access. It’s tricky to get a decent connection from many homes in the US so, trying to do that from something without an address or utilities is a pretty big deal. Being an IT guy it’s… Read More

If this sounds as skeptical to you as it first did to me, then you and I are in the same boat! During 2015, I finally started to wrap my head around what full-time RV life will be like: all the adventures and all the challenges. I still haven’t experienced it, but I’ve grown accustomed… Read More