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I’m not sure how many miracles a person can expect to experience during their lifetime. I definitely thought I’d already used up my big one escaping completely unscathed during my potentially catastrophic car accident in 2018. But this morning, I was granted another one. At 6:55am, Russ, Otis and I were sound asleep when we… Read More

In May of 2007, Russell wandered into a pet store in California, never dreaming his life would forever change that day. Content with his brood of cats, he’d never owned a dog before and wasn’t even in the market for one. But then, he happened across a strange little white creature with a big, dark… Read More

On October 24th, Russell asked me to marry him. It was the 10th morning we woke up in our beautiful new home and he said that everything in our lives was finally perfect…except that I wasn’t his wife. Apparently, he decided over a year ago that he wanted to ask me and went through a… Read More

I want to begin this post by affirming that the last 4.5 years on the road have provided more wonderful opportunities to see the world and I could ever have dreamed of and I wouldn’t trade the experiences we’ve had for all of the fancy apartments in sleek cities or the social and creature comforts… Read More

2019 started yesterday, and our new year of travel and adventure begins as well. We already started our year of travels: unlike previous years, we’re out of Houston and on the road, and we have stops booked months in advance! Our past years have been such rollercoasters of uncertainty that planning routes and reserving camp… Read More

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I look back at this blog site and realize it’s a great name and a great idea, but it’s only going to be anything more than that if I actually write things down. In the ‘drafts’ area I have about a dozen thoughts and lists that outline future posts. Outlines I made about a year… Read More

It’s been two weeks since a deer collided with my car and set off an unbelievable chain of events that left my car totaled, upside down in a ditch, but me and my dogs miraculously unharmed. In other words, Two Weeks AD (after deer). This is a follow up post with more images and explanation.… Read More

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It is difficult to put into words just how much travel means to me. It is an all-encompassing, roiling wave that directs my life. It is the core of all plans, direction and inspiration. But it doesn’t just begin and end with myself. There is a deep-seated conviction inside me that others should experience travel and participate… Read More

So it’s been a while since I posted anything to this blog. That’s totally on me, and something I told myself I wouldn’t do again – take huge long breaks between posts. Seems it’s hard to get into the habit of writing about travels, and then keep it up when you’re not actually travelling. True,… Read More

Signs you might be suffering from extreme wanderlust-ia/travelholism You continually see the shape of states and countries in your food (ex: “Woah, this romaine leaf looks exactly like New Zealand!” Your heart beats a little bit faster anytime you see map paraphernalia (ex: “OMG I have to have this world map laundry bag.) You actually… Read More