One of the best parts of my life for the past 12 years has been a little fuzzy white kid named Hazen.  He’s a California boy and loves the sunshine and outdoors, no matter what state or country he’s in at the time. The story of how he ended up in my life is probably… Read More

So, THAT was a pain. Long story short, only 18 or so months later, and 2 different install attempts at two different locations in two different cities, our new replacement awning is finally installed! Perhaps I should back up? Start at the beginning? I suppose that might help. It was a nice, sunny day in… Read More

2019 started yesterday, and our new year of travel and adventure begins as well. We already started our year of travels: unlike previous years, we’re out of Houston and on the road, and we have stops booked months in advance! Our past years have been such rollercoasters of uncertainty that planning routes and reserving camp… Read More

white sands national park sunrise adventure

I look back at this blog site and realize it’s a great name and a great idea, but it’s only going to be anything more than that if I actually write things down. In the ‘drafts’ area I have about a dozen thoughts and lists that outline future posts. Outlines I made about a year… Read More

Car camping in a 2006 Toyota RAV4

Sometimes the RV and travel trailer are just too much to lug around – especially up into the mountains or on short excursions where you need a quick turn around. My trusty solution to this is car camping in my zippy, roomy 2006 Toyota RAV4 (or as Russell fondly refers to it: the Baked Potato).… Read More

Yesterday morning we took some time to do one of those many things we said we would do more of this year – enjoy where we were and what we can do there. In this case, that involved a guided kayak tour through Deception Bay near the San Juan Islands and only a slight amount… Read More

What can I say  about the Olympic Peninsula? Well, about 10,000 terms of endearment and descriptions of the symphony or gorgeous weather and scenery. Distilling those down to a few simple ones is the trick. 2 years ago, on Melody’s insistence of her love for the area, we took a 10 day trip out to… Read More

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve undergone a little shift in the Home Sweet Roam blog look. It’s definitely not the final form of the site, but we now have a more warm and natural feel to the look – which is exactly what our travels are focused on. Along with the cozy… Read More

Most parks have cable television plumbed to the pedestals of each site which is not useful for anything more than watching basic TV.  Satellite systems on your roof are always an option, if you can’t risk being without entertainment.  While the quest for worthwhile internet is an ongoing subject through out our travels, our supply… Read More

LG Tablet hotspot with cellular network coverage for T-Mobile

This will be the second post in an ongoing series about trying to keep the internet close at hand while traveling. If you want to start at the first post you can click here to read it. Building on that first early start, we’ve progressed and improved and learned a lot in the process! After… Read More