Tomorrow I close the chapter on my life at 2H. Strange to think I stumbled into that office nearly seven years ago without a clue as to where my life was headed. But, I suppose that’s exactly how all of us begin every day – unwittingly perched on the edge of what lies ahead. It was the… Read More

We’re down to the last couple weeks before we head out of Houston towards New England. It seems there is a longer list of things to do now than there has been in the past 6 months, with a fraction of any reasonable amount of time left to get it all done! Amidst website polishing for… Read More

If this sounds as skeptical to you as it first did to me, then you and I are in the same boat! During 2015, I finally started to wrap my head around what full-time RV life will be like: all the adventures and all the challenges. I still haven’t experienced it, but I’ve grown accustomed… Read More

Picked up the RV in Austin. Slide is fixed! Celebrate! Before we got out of the city limits, front tire blew out and 4 hours spent arranging for a new one.  And this is AFTER the toilet sprung a leak.… Read More