If this sounds as skeptical to you as it first did to me, then you and I are in the same boat! During 2015, I finally started to wrap my head around what full-time RV life will be like: all the adventures and all the challenges. I still haven’t experienced it, but I’ve grown accustomed… Read More

It seems that every single time I get the RV out of storage and ready to go somewhere for a weekend or a week, or whatever – there’s something.  Something new and small, but wrong or broken or not quite working right. It’s been the generator on some recent trips, and other times it’s been… Read More

The drive out through west Texas – exiting through El Paso – and then up New Mexico to Albuquerque was gorgeous.  As it turns out, days with ‘great weather’ out in the desert tend to make the long drive tedious and boring.  However, when there are storm clouds on the horizon, things get interesting and colorful.… Read More

When you think about the desert in the South Western US, you probably think browns and tans with maybe some very sparse green.  But, if you’ve spent time in New Mexico, especially the south west of the state, you might also think of another color. White.  Dune after dune of bright white sand.… Read More

Our road trip out to the balloon festival took a bit of a detour on the first night.  Originally our plans included the possibility of a swing through Dallas, but that didn’t pan out as we hoped.  We kept to a more southern route and ended up stopping in Fredricksburg for the night.… Read More

House is fueled.  Bags are being packed.  Open road is calling. It might not be the never ending road trip we’re still aiming for in the future, but it is definitely going to be one heck of a month.  The RV is outside the apartments waiting to be loaded with our bags for the next… Read More

Sometimes things don’t go how you planned when you set out.  This is very true when talking about adventures and travel…and even more so when you’re talking about life. Sometimes things go completely different directions you never saw coming.  It throws you off balance, and you do your best to recover.  Sometimes it’s a big… Read More