When it rains… it apparently pours all the wrath of Zeus over a 500 mile radius that lasts for three days. After a harrowing last couple days of packing and rushing to the end of the move finish line, we’ve been creeping along on the road for 26 hours and only managed to make it 6.5 ‘normal’ hours from Houston. The last few days have ranged from steady downpour to absolutely deluge and have really taken their toll. Accidents littered the ditches and medians along I-10 and hydroplaning and zero visibility became normal conditions. At one point, the entire freeway was closed due to an over-turned 18 wheeler and we roamed the interstate with our cars turned off for 80 minutes waiting for officials to clear the way. A few glimpses at the wreckage we encountered today which resembles the world after a recent zombie apocalypse:




Like a scene out of The Walking Dead

Due to conditions and a horribly late start yesterday, we are parked for the evening in Biloxi, Mississippi – 300 miles shy of our VERY conservative original target of Tallahassee.  I’ve come to realize that pulling thousands of extra pounds behind my vehicle drastically changes the amount of effort it requires to due basic driving – much less navigating the rain-slicked streets of Fast and Furious XXII.

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