If this sounds as skeptical to you as it first did to me, then you and I are in the same boat!

During 2015, I finally started to wrap my head around what full-time RV life will be like: all the adventures and all the challenges. I still haven’t experienced it, but I’ve grown accustomed to the idea and even begun to embrace all the positives… no clutter building up in an apartment closet, complete ability to visit any part of the country at the drop of a hat, and even decide to fall in love with a place and stay a while. No energy bills, cable companies, leases, property tax, no Houston summer murder-heat… just the open road and geographical freedom to explore. In fact, it’s starting to sound like a dream come true.

But before that life-altering day in March arrives, there is a ton of work left to do. Mountains of furniture to sell, stacks of miscellaneous pieces of life to sort through and hours of careful planning and packing. (Not to mention photo sessions every weekend!) But, over the past couple weeks, another part of the puzzle fell into place as I took a methodical step (read: jumped off a cliff) and purchased my very own travel trailer. This winsome addition will function as a mobile office and artist’s escape for Melodic View, complete with a kitchen, bathroom and pair of bunk beds for company.

This also opens up the possibility of solo trips if Russell and the RV are tied up on larger business trips. I quickly began drafting some special modifications to the trailer which I can’t wait to share! Interior pics coming soon 🙂

18 foot Springdale Summerland

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