Our road trip out to the balloon festival took a bit of a detour on the first night.  Originally our plans included the possibility of a swing through Dallas, but that didn’t pan out as we hoped.  We kept to a more southern route and ended up stopping in Fredricksburg for the night.

Our original plan also had us dry-camping somewhere along our path, but that part of it went out the window as well with a generator issue.  Being unable to run it for more than a few seconds at a time meant no A/C over night and, even with the improving TX temperatures, this was still unacceptable.  Luckily we found Fredricksburg RV Park at the last minute and pulled in well after closing to find quite a few spots still open.  With a 30 amp connection everything was fine for the night.

Das Peach Haus

Home of Jelly.com

The next morning we took a quick bike ride to Das Peachhouse, the home of Fischer & Wieser.  While I do love a lot of their sauces and marinades, our goal was a sunrise over the small pond behind the main store near the orchards. Mission accomplished.

Early morning at the jelly pond

Early morning at the jelly pond


Another unexpected event was the development of a prototype ‘seat belt’ for Hazen’s sling.  A few seconds into the ride as he leaned to the side to see more of the passing scenery, it was apparent his curiosity was going to cause problems in the balance department.  It was a hack with what I had at the time, but it has inspired a whole new way of thinking about a feature I have been toying with adding.

A prototype seat belt for Hazen's sling.

A prototype seat belt for Hazen’s sling.

Returning to the RV it was time to take a deeper look at the generator issue.  After about a minute of troubleshooting, the problem was pretty apparent – a complete absence of oil!  It turns out, the oil filter had somehow vibrated itself a few turns to the left, letting oil leak out.  Everywhere.  Fortunately not onto the ground, but pretty much everywhere it could reach inside the generator housing.  Half a roll of shop towels later, everything cleaned up and filter tightened down again, I was able to put new oil in.  Everything is back to normal now, and hopefully the few seconds it ran with low oil isn’t enough to worry about.


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