I’m so excited to finally share pictures of the inside of the Melodic View travel trailer! These have been a long time coming since it’s purchase in January of this year. We made several modifications to the Keystone Springdale Summerland Mini (what a mouthful!) and are super happy with the way everything turned out. I know many of you have shown interest in a virtual tour so – here it is!


This is the main view you first see from the door of the trailer – a lounge area that doubles as a reading/arts & crafts/writing nook. The cabinets above are stocked with all the books I’m planning to read this year! If I get through even half, I’ll be proud…

lounge B&A

Before and after the cushion make over!

Above is a before and after shot where you can see the designs of the stock fabric that the cushions came with on the left (where Hazen is getting acquainted on the day I purchased the trailer) and the much lighter look on the right after we recovered everything (big shout out to my mom who is a sewing genius!) The fabrics were from both Joann’s and Hancock and I was thrilled to find neutrals with a little whimsy that matched so well.  Honestly, the curtains, cushions and accessories could not have come together more perfectly!


Materials (clockwise from right): Curtains, cushions, Hazen’s bed and lounge pillow.


The finished product after renovations

If you head to the right from the doorway, you can see my desk area where all the photo processing and Melodic View business happens:


This area underwent the most drastic change from the factory layout: it actually came with a queen-size bed which we removed so we could install my beloved desk! Let me tell you, I bought this desk over a year ago and never dreamed it would one day perfectly fit and perfectly match a travel trailer I would buy the following year. Funny how life surprises you, huh?

I have to stop here and tell you what a fantastic job Chris & Dave of Heights Woodworks did with the desk installation. We not only asked them to mount the desk to the floor so it wouldn’t move while the travel trailer is being pulled all over the country but we ALSO asked them to raise the desk 4 inches so my chair would fit underneath. So, they hand-crafted some wooden sleds and worked their magic!

desk mounting

A Heights Woodworks’ original


Opposite the lounge area is a fancy little kitchen. Of course, if you know anything about me, you can probably guess that the microwave is likely the only part of this that will ever see any real use!!


On the far end of the trailer is a bathroom and twin bunk beds. The top bunk is used as storage for the majority of Melodic View equipment, backdrops, gear and props, but the bottom bunk is pretty inviting for catnaps… and visitors!


Ready for guests!


View from the back looking forward

That completes our tour and you’ve seen all the main areas of the trailer but, much like a wedding, I just had to focus a little photography love on the details!


Pillow detail, my favorite wall hanging from my old apartment and a picture that continues to be my favorite from our many trips to the Outer Banks

special spots 2

Love these colors and the wanderlust details!

All in all, it’s a great little space that I was so excited I got to customize for myself. All artists need their own space and I am definitely no exception.  Productivity is so much more fluid when I have surroundings I feel comfortable in. Plus, a trusty side-kick always helps…..


Sleepy King Hazen


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