I look back at this blog site and realize it’s a great name and a great idea, but it’s only going to be anything more than that if I actually write things down. In the ‘drafts’ area I have about a dozen thoughts and lists that outline future posts. Outlines I made about a year ago now.

I started to ask myself what I haven’t posted here all year long now. Why have I neglected the one online presence I have that is actually tied to something I do and enjoy almost every day? The answers I came up with usually revolved around that very idea, and how it’s not really true. We live in the RV, but this year anyway, I have spent more time in a hotel than I have in the house. 

Back in February I got a new job that I love absolutely. It just came with the caveat of having to work at a client site location most weeks Monday to Thursday. With the whole year already planned out under the impression that I would be working a fully remote job again, that kind of threw a large wrench in the works. Nothing has gone according to plan since we left Houston in January.

In fact it’s not that nothing interesting has happened but quite the opposite – It’s just be non-stop. From the New Job to losing the Baked Potato, to having the house in the shop for 5 weeks in Indiana while we road tripped in Baked Potato 2, it’s just been a logistical marathon that hasn’t left much time (or sanity) for writing down thoughts or notes. That’s also assuming I can even get thoughts settled enough to express some weeks.

The typical routine this year has been to fly out of whatever major airport we are close to, down to Dallas for work on Sunday night for the work week. While me and the Jeep (it lives there now) are in Texas, Melody and the boys enjoy whatever area the house is around during the week. I fly back on Thursday evening and get home late that night, or early Friday morning in some cases. The weekend is either spent trying to cram in a day trip or two to see the area we’re parked at with Melody and the boys, or doing some around the house chores, or just driving from one campground to the next.

We have done the entire outer loop of the country so far clockwise from Houston almost, and I write this now from Virginia where I’m paying a long overdue visit to some of my closest friends. The rest of the year – all 12 weeks of it or so – are going to see the house moving down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, along the South Carolina coast, and then down into Florida. In there as well are trips to Scotland, Ireland, and almost the entire month of November back in the Houston area for TRF, and a professional trip to Las Vegas. 

I guess this isn’t really an excuse for not writing down thoughts, as I should be doing about an hour a night or something as part of my routine. More like me just realizing that ironically I haven’t made time to write out my thoughts about things going on, because there’s so many things happening that are noteworthy! It’s weird. 

I’m going to try and push some of those draft posts into actual finished spots, and probably get some more things jotted down too. I’m too self-aware to promise anything though, but hopefully I’ll make more time for this blog again. I really want to. 

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