2019 started yesterday, and our new year of travel and adventure begins as well.

We already started our year of travels: unlike previous years, we’re out of Houston and on the road, and we have stops booked months in advance! Our past years have been such rollercoasters of uncertainty that planning routes and reserving camp sites has been an exercise in problematic scrambling. The main theme of this year is going to be different in that we’ll do much less moving and longer stays in a small number of areas.

Class C Coachman motorhome parked at a campsite in the upstate New York woods with string lights on the awning
A sneak peek at one of our 2018 campsites in Saratoga Springs, NY

Some things the past 3 years on the road have taught are the places we like (and don’t like) to travel to. This means we can focus on those regions, with less bouncing around and trying to find things to experience – we’ve been there, done most of that. Now we can go to an area, set up the house and office, and be content doing day trips from there to the things we know we’ll enjoy. More of the things we like and less of the stress trying to explore the blanks on the map.

On the docket for this year are two months in Arizona, a dip into Las Vegas (of course), followed by two months in the Moab, Utah area. Into summer we’ll end up in Colorado followed by Oregon, and then our favorite spot in the Olympic Peninsula for the fall. Winter of 2019 may end up seeing us down in the South West desert again, but we won’t commit to anything that far out just yet.

Along the way we’ll also attend our first few rallies this year. Xscapers Annual Bash is first on our list in just 2 weeks. We’re looking forward to meeting other full-time RV folks we hopefully have some things in common with and slowly building a community on the road.

Right now we’re just excited with the slew of RV upgrades we did in the last few weeks of 2018 (more on those later) and the 2nd replacement awning being installed later this week…again, a topic for another post.

The final thing we’re both looking forward to this year on the road, is updating our blog more often than ever before. I’m especially excited to finally document some of our 2018 travels, and show off Melody’s amazing photographs of it all. 2018 was certainly our favorite year on the road so far and 2019 promises to be even better!

Two Italian Greyhounds in the grass at sunset. One black and white iggy and one all white iggy.

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