What can I say  about the Olympic Peninsula? Well, about 10,000 terms of endearment and descriptions of the symphony or gorgeous weather and scenery. Distilling those down to a few simple ones is the trick.

2 years ago, on Melody’s insistence of her love for the area, we took a 10 day trip out to Seattle and the peninsula. I had never been here before and the feeling of ‘this is where I need to be’ was instantaneous. Not only does the city of Seattle have a very unique feel to it – but not one that you have to adjust to like LA or NYC – but it’s only a ferry ride or a few hours drive away from some of the most majestic natural views and areas that I can think of anywhere in the US, or much of the world.

Returning here this summer and spending a month on the peninsula seemed like the only acceptable plan. I see now, in hindsight, we were wrong: we need more time. Much more. This is the place (if there is one) that I could stop driving and let roots take hold again.

We’ve seen beaches that vary from rock, to sand to sheer cliffs. We’ve walked through rain forests and up mountain alpine paths. The towns all seem to have a marina attached to them, and therefore seafood on every menu and plenty of water activities. The weather has been ‘hot’ in the area for most of our time here, but coming from summers in Houston, we’re pretty sure they’re just mispronouncing ‘perfect’.  Wineries? Check. Fishing? Check. Hiking? Check. Kayaking? Check. Just doing nothing and enjoying star filled nights with a cool quiet breeze and the sounds of nature? Check.



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