I am really excited to write this blog post. Not only will it be the first entry in our “The People” category, which is set aside for those characters we’ll cross paths with in this adventure through life – but it has also just been really awesome to get to know the Shays from Matamoras PA!… Read More

One of the things that our house requires as regular maintenance that stick-and-brick homeowners never have to worry about is tires. Much like the foundation below most peoples’ houses, our tires are the cornerstone holding everything else up, and they’re pretty much forgotten most of the time. You just assume they’re there, doing what they do, and… Read More

On the way back from Austin to Houston after a 2 month stay at a dealer getting the larger bedroom slide fixed… we blew a tire. That sucked. Immediately after having said tire replaced in the driveway of a random apartment complex we were forced to pull into… the toilet sprang a leak. That sucked even… Read More

When I bought my RV in 2012, one of the features of it was a fabric pattern clearly stolen from someone’s grandmother’s home in the late 1980s. While I can definitely see that browns and blacks go well with some accent colors… Gold is not the one I would choose. Also not in the quantity… Read More

After picking up the RV from it’s 2-month-long stay at Crestview RV in Georgetown TX for a slide-out repair, we spent a night close by at this nice little park. It wasn’t too far off of the highways, and was the right amount of ‘conveniently close’ and ‘away from the noise’ in regards to Austin.… Read More

One of the biggest challenges of living in an RV (for me personally and, I’m sure, many others) is reliable internet access. It’s tricky to get a decent connection from many homes in the US so, trying to do that from something without an address or utilities is a pretty big deal. Being an IT guy it’s… Read More

One of the things I will miss the most about Texas are Buc-ee’s stores. They’re amazingly huge gas stations with a store full of everything (literally) you could want. It’s a gas station ‘convenience store’ that makes it’s own beef jerky, T-shirts, and has a home & garden section. It’s awesomeness.… Read More

We’re down to the last couple weeks before we head out of Houston towards New England. It seems there is a longer list of things to do now than there has been in the past 6 months, with a fraction of any reasonable amount of time left to get it all done! Amidst website polishing for… Read More

It seems that every single time I get the RV out of storage and ready to go somewhere for a weekend or a week, or whatever – there’s something.  Something new and small, but wrong or broken or not quite working right. It’s been the generator on some recent trips, and other times it’s been… Read More

When you think about the desert in the South Western US, you probably think browns and tans with maybe some very sparse green.  But, if you’ve spent time in New Mexico, especially the south west of the state, you might also think of another color. White.  Dune after dune of bright white sand.… Read More