In these weekly update posts which I hope to keep doing, you’ll find links to posts about the more noteable events. If they seem interesting but aren’t linked, they will be when we get that post done! This way, we’ll have a semi-chronological way of keeping events straight on the blog. Otherwise some things get way out of order just due to the process of getting photos available and writing it all up. Also, this is a nice weekly wrap-up I think, don’t you?

So here’s the first one… enjoy!

This past week we made our way from Colorado up through Wyoming, across a little beautiful slice of Idaho, and into Montana. Along the way we passed through Jackson Hole, missed a balloon ride over the Tetons due to some car trouble, and stayed at a ‘health mine’. We are now pointed north, and ready to cross the border and explore Calgary AB and get our generator issues addressed hopefully while there – but not before checking out Glacier National park!

Enjoy some pics from the past week:

2 Very relaxed italian greyhounds getting drivin around the country

Hazen and Otis relaxing in their Dog Pockets while mom chauffeurs them around the country

Driving across the Wyoming towarsds the Tetons

The mountains of Wyoming lay ahead of us

Hidden in the Rockies is a gorgeous little church

A small church in a perfect corner of the Rockies

Purple wild flowers along the road in Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National park has mountains, and plenty of colorful flowers to accent them

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