The easy access from the road just a block off of the highway, made it a dream come true when we wanted to pull over and get stopped nice and quick after a white-knuckle drive through fierce cross-winds across north Texas. The lanes were wide and open and the pull thru spots were quite long.

Once we stopped and started to relax we took a look around. This side of the road RV park is wide open and flat, with the exception of a single large building – the old cotton processing building with a cotton gin still sitting inside for visitors to look at. It serves as a museum of sorts for the area around it as well. When you go in you feel welcome, at home, and part of the community as you read the news paper clippings and old posters. The staff of the park were very generous with information on what was in town in case we needed to run errands or wanted a bite to eat.

We only stayed one night on the way back to Houston from a Vegas trip, but we have it starred on our map for the next time we’re in the area and want a nice easy place to park!

We don’t have any pictures from our short stay at this park because it was before we really started to think about reviews on our blog. We’ll update this, as we would with any review posts, when we get a chance to visit again.


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