Oil changes are a thing I used to plan an entire afternoon around. Not because I had to clean up a work space and do much, but just to get my car over to a dealer and dropped off for the ordeal of watching crappy TV in their lobby while waiting 4 hours before they even pulled it into their bays.

Now it’s an afternoon I plan for getting 3 of them done myself – The Jeep, the Ford chassis, and the house generator. I’ve found that I’m saving a little money on the filters and oil itself over the course of the 3, and a LOT of money on the labor. I also know exactly what’s going in and coming out of all of them. I’m not an oil nerd, but I do appreciate knowing that synthetic went in when I’ve asked for it.

I honestly don’t know why it took me so long into my life to learn how to do my own oil changes, and I am mad at myself for so much money being spent over the years on something so simple.

Below is a list of parts and oils I used, mostly just as an easy spot for me to reference later, but if you’ve got an E450 Chassis on your motor home or a Jeep Wrangler JK, please feel free to use the links to get your supplies for cheaper than a dealer will charge for them!

You’ll notice I haven’t included links to the filter or oil used on the Generac QP40 generator in the RV – due to that becoming an entirely new story of woe.

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