House is fueled.  Bags are being packed.  Open road is calling.

It might not be the never ending road trip we’re still aiming for in the future, but it is definitely going to be one heck of a month.  The RV is outside the apartments waiting to be loaded with our bags for the next week.  The Jeep is hooked up and along for the ride, all the way to Albuquerque NM.  Tomorrow afternoon we hit the road and escape Houston for a week driving west and enjoying the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta!

This is an event I have wanted to go to for years, and one that Melody has wanted to attend even longer than I have.  It’s going to be one for the memory books (or blog) for sure, and you can expect some incredible photography to come back with Mel and her cameras.

We will definitely try to use this blog as much as we can while we’re on the way out, enjoying the sights, and on the way back.  It will be a good way for me to get used to writing about my travels again, and a good time to work out how the next version of this site and blog will work.  It is also going to be a learning experience for Melody as she transitions from handwritten notebooks full of stories, to a new medium she can more easily share them with.   I for one think she’s going to fall in love with the ability to relate everything so easily to her family and our friends – almost as much as everyone will enjoy reading her posts.

While the RV will be our home for the next week or so on this trip, the fun will keep going after that and we’ll keep posting.  We get back from this adventure and start the next one sans-RV the next day as we head out to OBX in her Rav4.

After that?  Well, one night of sleep and then off again of course!  You’ll have to wait and see what that week will hold in store though…


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